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In case you feel the urge to hoard toilet paper, I'll point you to play this game instead. Grab a basket and go scoop up some TP! Just remember social distancing, you don't want to get bologna. Also, don't overfill the basket  - or you'll get a taste of our latest anti hoarding technology. Oh and be nice to the checkout machine or it might not be so nice to you. 

Protip: Click the "Custom" button on the level select screen to mess around with the AI and level setup parameters. The "levels" are just preconfigured setups for these settings. 

The game features some Danish memes and weird references you probably won't get, but then I also made some "streamer NPCs" you'll most likely recognize. I love every person parodied here, I've mostly just chosen them because they were easy to take out of context and use for some funny voice lines. Credits to the "Piano Man" intro by Billy Joel as well - which I butchered for fair use to make dying more entertaining.

The intro dialogue was spoken by the Danish prime minister. It  translates into "It's better we do something today than regret it tomorrow!" But seeing as the Danish language is so weird, it can also translate into "It's better we go shopping today than regret it tomorrow!" which seemed almost too apt for the ensuing shopping sprees in the days that followed.

This was a silly experiment with shaders, lighting and audio design. It was intended to be funny but turned out pretty freaky. I might fix some of the game's physics glitches in the future, but for now they're just part of the experience. I'd still really appreciate constructive criticism and general feedback however, as I'd love to take that knowledge into future projects (or maybe making small adjustments here). 


ViralMarket v1.0.zip 24 MB

Install instructions

This is a standard Unity build in a zip file. Just download, unzip and run the .exe-file named "Viral Market".

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